istock shoot with Nathalie Bashala

Posted: June 8, 2010 in Shoots in short

Nathalie lounging

Istockphoto inspector Henk Badenhorst was the guru on this shoot, an experimental one to test some outdoor lighting options.

Henk supplied three SB800 Speedlights, which we fired with the Quantum flash and battery pack. We lit from the back, on both sides, with one flash fired downwards in front to light the chair, and another through a white scrim to soften the key light.

Congolese model Nathalie supplied the rest of the magic.

The sensuous shape of the chair was the inspiration for the pose and the shot. The image on the right was also my first Istock Vetta collection shot accepted – this means a higher price class for images with an out-of-the-ordinary feel and treatment.

I borrowed the lounger from MBM Africa, kindly supplied by Barry Garner, a client on a previous shoot.

Jaco Wolmarans, January 2010,


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