Transnet shoot, Saldanha ore quay

Posted: June 8, 2010 in Shoots in short

Cover for One Magazine

A blistering 55km/h southeaster was blowing dust into everything I owned, filling my cameras with the dreaded red ore dust.

Management getting dirty

I was in Saldanha ore quay again, shooting a cover for Transnet’s ONR magazine. It was late, half the day gone by already before the subjects were available. So I was not in a happy mood.

The wind was so strong, two people had to hold up my portable flash pack and bounce board, and we were being drenched by a massive water cannon keeping the ore dust from blowing away too much. Fortunately we could get the water shut down in time.

This has been an exacting shoot due to severe time constraints and the very specific lighting the client wanted – drama, atmosphere and vitality, as Transnet had just reached 1 million tonnes of ore exports per week. The images had to show that.

Fortunately the staff at Transnet were absolute stars and happy to do whatever we asked them to do – getting dirty, climbing in under trains, mixing it up in greasy workshops.

Jaco Wolmarans, November 2009,


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