Transnet shoot, Saldanha port

Posted: June 8, 2010 in Shoots in short

Taken for Transnet’s ONE magazine out at Saldanha port’s admin building. I set up a Quantum flash on the left, balanced its output with the sky intensity, and took a test shot of myself just before the client arrived to be photographed.

The client shot was done in about 3 minutes due to a tight schedule, at the end of a long day in which I got completely splashed by high-pressure hoses used to dampen down the iron ore exported from Saldanha port. I also got VERY filthy from the red iron ore dust, trying to get pictures of the huge earthmoving machines, water tankers and trucks operating in the port area.

Pictured in the final photograph is André Pieters, the environmental officer for the port authority. Because of the difficult terrain and dust, and the lack of power points to drive studio heads, I left my Bowens set at home and packed the Nikon Speedlight, which I really don’t like, and a very complex Quantum Flash pack.

This I triggered via a long cord, and positioned it either far left or right of my subjects, shot up at the sky mostly to isolate the subjects, and underexposed the sky slightly to make the images pop. In addition to the Quantum, I filled in the dark side of the subjects’ faces with the speedlight.

Jaco Wolmarans, Septmeber 2009,


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