2uCafe shoot

Posted: June 28, 2010 in Shoots in short

The image to be printed on the back of 2uCafe vans

The image to be printed on the back of 2uCafe vans

His name is Star and he’s been the friendly face behind 2uCafe counters for three years. That made him the model designate for this mobile coffee dispensing company’s back-of-van 3D-look photograph.

The vans have high-powered coffee dispensing machine in the back and are used at big shows and concerts to feed patron’s caffeine addictions.

The owner wanted the back of van printed with a picture of the inside, so that it would look like the vehicles were actually dispensing coffee on the go.

At work with Star

The vehicles at Table View beach

Star was great during the shoot, considering the temperature and the way he was dressed.

It was very chilly, a completely misted-in morning in my garden, and so damp that I was worried at some stage that my lighting equipment was going to get wet and short-circuit.

But it all held together and we completed the shoot in two hours. I shot the van, Star and the shadow separately, since there were potentially harsh reflections on the brushed chrome fridge doors, and combined the shots in Photoshop afterwards.

Jaco Wolmarans, 28 June 2010, http://www.wordsource.co.za


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