Resysta video shoot, Camps Bay

Posted: June 29, 2010 in Shoots in short

Our model in the unfinished jacuzzi

Aidan rehearsing lines

We produced a video for MBM Africa company detailing the qualities of the material used in the construction of decking and outdoor furniture, called Resysta. For this production, we used Top Billing’s Aidan Bennetts as presenter. It was shot at the home of international fashion model Caprice, in the middle of winter of 2009, and we had to make it look like summer. Which meant short sleeves, dodging rain squalls and trying to finish the decking in time for our shoot.

In the end, it was not possible to finish construction in time, so we had to make a plan – shoot around it. A few strategically-placed towels, flowers and trays hid the unfinished planking, and as the light faded outside, we got the very last shot of the production in the can with Aidan and the model in the pond, having champagne. Then it started pelting down again outside, and we had to scramble to get all our lighting kit out of the rain.

Aidan precariously balanced

It only LOOKs like summer ...

The dolly at work

A preview of the video is available here:

Jaco Wolmarans, June 2009,


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