Oudekloof landscape shoot, Ladysmith

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Older posts, Shoots in short

At dawn, shooting panos

My wife Nicky and I spent the weekend on the soon-to-be private game reserve Oudekloof, outside Ladysmith. We had the use of the farm’s awesome 4×4, a Toyota Landcruiser, as the area is very rough and low range driving was called for in places.

On my shooting platform - the Cruiser roof came in very handy

Since the area is mountainous but with large flat sections in between the hills, the foreground tended to disappear into the Karoo scrubland, and careful framing and composition was called for to make the most of it. The best shots were taken, predictably, at just after sunrise and just before and after sunset. We were particularly plagued by a mean inversion layer and resultant haziness in the distance, which knocked out most of the detail in the distant mountains. I really struggled to make these visible, using a circular polariser and sometimes graduated neutral density filter.


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