MBM Africa furniture shoot, Gordons Bay

Posted: August 12, 2010 in Older posts, Shoots in short

Aiming low to please. The rimflow pool was the hero in our shoot

Tight schedule, loads of furniture, and even a tighter space to work in. So what’s new? Yup, the MBM new summer range had arrived by ship and had to be photographed pronto in time for spring, when people start living outdoors again. The brief was to create a summer look, breezy, fresh, blue and warm. Well, let me tell you the pool was freezing and the day only just short sleeve weather.

Wian and stylist Jean at work

I had my assistant Wian wear a wet suit to set up the supports for the lounger chair, which extended to just under the surface, and helped us make the chair “walk the waters” – almost floating in space.

A Hoya polarising filter helped colour the sky as blue as it can be, and a low angle got us the beautiful reflection off the water.

I used a big Bowens softbox to the left to light the facing side of the chair, and a naked hard light from just to the left of that, straight onto Cariss-Ann, the model, to light up the side of her body and help it it (more) shape.

The trick here was to shoot at the maximum shutter speed that allows full sync (250th at f11), and increasing or decreasing the flash output to match the ambient reading. The polariser helps to bring the exposure back into reasonable territory by cutting the ambient by1.5 stops, so we had a bit of leeway with the flash output, which could quite easily have been inadequate to match that of the sun.

Hayley working on her tan


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