Good enough to eat!

Posted: October 6, 2010 in Older posts, Shoots in short

I suppose life could be worse – having a delicious rack of lamb to photograph … I mean, compared to shooting industrial machinery or construction sites, this is positively stomach-rumbling.

I had these chops prepared at Excellent Meat Market in Milnerton. The butcher very kindly trimmed and spiced the meat for my shoot, and they spent a day in the studio getting tanned by strobes, maturing nicely.

Being such a gorgeous evening, with no wind (unusual for Milnerton), they then ended up on my braai grid. And if you think they look good enough to eat, they were! Simply outstanding meat from my regular butcher.

The studio setup consisted of a small softbox on a boom, overhead, an unsoftened light against the white backdrop to bleach out the background and force attention to the product, and a grid spot from camera left to pick out the textures of the spices on the edge of the meat. A bit of parsley and a sliced tomato added interest and offset the meat colour nicely.

  1. Lynda J Photography says:

    Yummy! – and you got to eat the fruit of your labor too? Nice job 🙂

  2. Andrew Lanham says:

    Hi Jaco

    Good website. Some years ago, I needed to shoot fried chicken. I struggled with successive batches of fried chicken for two days, before I hit on the idea of painting it with Nova wood varnish. It looked the way fried chicken should, but sadly, after the shoot, unlike your lamb, was completely inedible.



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