Lighting the nude 2

Posted: May 28, 2011 in Shoots in short

A brush-up course with a previous student, two models in one day, and this time we really cooked. The student had the benefit of our previous shoot and lighting setups, so we picked up where we left.

The only difference this time was that we simplified our lighting setup, using two 50cm softboxes on either side, plus a bare bulb fill light to just open up the shadows in the middle of the models’ figures caused by the two side lights. We used my new Bowens Esprit 250W kits next to the older Bowens Esprit 500s.

The fill light potentially can kill the atmosphere, but we controlled it by pushing the ligh stand all the way to the white ceiling, and limiting its spread to just the immediate area of the model’s front. We trusted that the rapid fall-off of light would contain the rest of the spread. And it did – even when shooting on a white background, we managed to contain the spread enough to turn the white to a non-distracting grey. I am now starting to appreciate what is possible in even a small studio.


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