Oh, drama, drama!

Posted: May 28, 2011 in Shoots in short

What do you do if you have to re-enact a potentially dangerous traffic situation for a video production in which a pedestrian is (almost) run over by a delivery truck? Well, first of all you make sure that you don’t play the role of the pedestrian. You ask a family member. Or someone else.

Secondly, you make sure the whole scene is damn well planned. Every camera angle, duration of each shot, and matched precisely to the voice-over. Then you shoot, and hope to hell your driver stops when he’s supposed to – and that the “stuntman” pays attention!

The stunt actor in this case is my long-suffering nephew, Wian, a student who gets called in for the hard stuff at every opportunity. On location in the Roeland Street area in Cape Town, we set up and rehearsed the scene a few times, interrupted by vehicles wanting to pass in the narrow street every two minutes, and finally got to shoot the sequences – from the front, low angle on the feet, from inside the van, a GoPro shot on a pole attached to the van … I swear that by the end of the day, Wian’s right arm was about three inches longer thanks to the heavy metal he was carrying.

Fortunately, everything turned out fine. We managed to stop closer and closer to him as confidence grew, and got the shot in the can before Wian turned into roadkill. Shot on a Sony EX1 and GoPro POV camera. Watch the whole production here:

  1. sarah says:

    Nice commentary! Now if only we could get all the truck and taxis in the country fitted with mobileye…

  2. Isabelle Luker says:

    Great stuff, Jaco! Well done!

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