Powered paragliding is one of the most convenient photography platforms. And when someone else can do the driving, it’s even better. Such was the case this week when I hooked up, quite literally, with PPG instructor Keith Pickersgill, one of the doyens of the sport in SA. He needed a passenger, I needed some footage, and the weather was perfect for an afternoon tandem flight.

I had long ago sold my own paramotor, but kept in touch with the current batch of pilots, with the result that I get to fly quite regularly still. As always, it’s a thrill to take off on level ground and change your perspective on the earth. But clutching a very expensive video camera makes one a tad nervous. Hence I had a very thick bungy cord attached to the camera, and tied off onto a carabiner, ready to roll.

Armed with a brand new bluetooth headset, the comms between Keith and myself was wireless and wonderful. Launch went fine, even with my precious cargo held at arm’s length and out of the way of the bar in front of the cage. We set off from Dolphin Beach and followed another pilot at close quarters for some air-to-air footage, then flew out to the stranded Seli 1 to shoot some overhead material of the ship. The air was slightly bumpy, and the footage not entirely smooth, but I got a good idea of what angles work for this platform.

See a standard definition video from the flight:

See a high definition video from the flight:

This behind the scenes post is courtesy of Wordsource Productions.

  1. Joh that’s cool! Is that work or play tho? 😉
    And why didn’t you utilize the GoPro?

  2. Jaco says:


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